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Partnership is vital to our success

The EITC is good for families, communities and businesses. It has been proven to lift working families out of poverty—that’s why we strategically partner with organizations and businesses around the state to reach families where they are. 

  • Reduces the mental and financial stress mothers experience
  • Improves physical health of mothers – led to increased prenatal care and reduced risk of preterm delivery
  • Increases infant birth weight – EITC led to a 2–3% decline in the rate of low birthweight births for every $1,000 in benefits received
  • $1,000 in EITC refunds led to an increase in student test scores by 6-9%
  • Children from families who receive the EITC are more likely to finish high school
  • More children go on to attend college
  • EITC encourages work and improves employee retention
  • Single mothers’ employment rates increased
  • For each $3,000 a year added to a family’s income, annual earnings increase by 17%
  • EITC reduces poverty for the next generation
  • In Colorado, households with young children spend almost half their monthly income on housing and childcare
  • Expands access to affordable housing for single parents 

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Get Ahead Colorado offers tools and strategies partners can use to educate families about the EITC, free tax prep and other valuable resources.

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